Nook Pebble Crib Mattress Review

Our little infants mean the world to us. We look to give them the very best from the moment we bring them to our home. They spend a lot of time in sleeping more especially when they are still young.

The Nook Pebble Pure crib mattress  is the most natural crib mattress where you can lay your newborn to sleep comfortably. It is so healthy, breathable and pure.

As a parent, you will definitely have a peace of mind knowing that the newborn is resting safely at naptime and nighttime.

It is known to be the lightest crib mattress and only weighs seven pounds. The mattress is not easily prone to fire. This is because it is made with non-toxic Freudenberg fire barrier which ensures that it is safe from fire.

It is also made of materials that meet the highest standards for the content, durability, and emissions. The covers of nook pebble crib mattress are microbe and liquid-resistant. You can therefore wipe the messes quickly and easily.

Nook Pebble Crib Mattress Review – 5 Major Features

1. Impressive Design

The impressive design of nook pebble crib mattress supports every part of the baby’s sleep pattern. It looks nice with attractive covers. The inside is made from organic coconut coir which is naturally a liquid resistant and anti-microbial.

The talalay latex layer of the mattress gives your newborn additional comfort. Covered with the pebble wrap which acts as the bed sheet, you will definitely enjoy the comfort and safety the crib mattress will offer to your baby.

The 11 vibrant colors of the mattress, can perfectly match the design of your nursery. The covers of the pebble are removable and this machine is designed in a way that it is machine washable.

2. Pure Organic

Nook Pebble Crib Mattress ReviewEvery inch of this mattress is completely organic and supremely breathable. This is actually the most natural place where you can lay down your newborn baby to have a sleep.

The natural organic material this mattress uses includes; certified organic wool, eucalyptus, coconut coir and talalay natural rubber.

It is made of pure elements that are not only in the core, but they are right in the place that matters most. They are placed next to the infant’s delicate skin. This is the healthiest mattress where your baby can sleep with a lot of comfort.

The mattress contains the natural zinc that helps in guarding against any unwanted intrusion or harmful substance that can harm the baby. It also keeps the crib mattress clean all the time and ensures that it is free from germs.

3. Eco-friendly

In addition to pure organic, nook pebble crib mattress is also eco-friendly. It is water resistant hence offers protection against any inevitable messes in a proper way without compromising the safety of the baby.

Covered with pebble wrap which can be used as bed sheet, this mattress is absolutely comfortable and offers maximum safety for your baby. It is a chemical free material; hence your infant can breathe easily.

Parents can also purchase extra pebble wraps to make things easy. The mattress crib can be washed using a machine comfortably and using the mattress is completely an easy task. This is an eco-friendly mattress with an easy to use features and comfortable material design.

4. High quality

Nook Pebble Crib Mattress ReviewMade of pure organic materials, the crib mattress offers the best quality ever. You can definitely feel its quality the first time you carry this solid and sturdy 25 pound crib mattress. The moment you remove it from the box, you will see its quality.

The excellence design of the mattress is also felt with a lot of quality by just pressing the palm down to the supportive core. You can also run the fingers over a soft and textured surface to feel its quality and durability.

No mattress can offer the great quality like nook pebble crib mattress. Apart from being natural organic pure, this mattress is also water resistant. You will be able to clean all the messes and the mattress will remain comfortable for your baby to continue sleeping.

5. Machine Washable

Nothing good than having a mattress crib that you can easily wash using the machine. Nook pebble can be washed in a machine with a lot of easiness. The parent or user will simply unzip the mattress and throw the pebble wrap in the machine.

Made of certified organic wool, eucalyptus, talalay natural rubber and coconut coir materials, washing the mattress is completely easy. This is because these materials are soft and offers great health benefits.

With 11 colors to choose from, all these colors will last wash even after washing them using the washing machine. After washing them, you can then freshen the nursery style to look great for your baby.

Consider Refurbished Items:

Why Should You Use Nook Pebble Crib Mattress?

1. Can last for long time

One thing why you should use this crib mattress is because of its durability. The mattress is well designed in that it can last for a long time. It is made of strong materials that enable it to function for long period.

The covers are well made and designed for easy removal and faster cleaning. The style and design fits well for your nursery design. Your infant will sleep with much comfort when you use nook pebble crib mattress.

2. Cost effective

Not only this crib is durable, it is also affordable. You cannot hide the idea that this mattress is made of pure organic elements and they are supremely breathable. With all this fact, they are absolutely cost effective and majority of parents can afford the price.

3. Safe for your baby

This is the healthiest place where your infant can sleep comfortably. It is also the safest place for your baby to lay his or her head. It is purely organic from the inside and outside.

This makes it easier for your baby to breath with freshness all the time. The infant is therefore safe and can breathe through the mattress and enjoy the fresh natural organic air produced by the mattress.

4. Water resistant

Infants like messing up the mattress more especially when they are sleeping. Having the best mattress will help you maintain the health of your baby and keeps him safe from mess and water.

This mattress crib is water resistant and ensure that your baby is safe. It absorbs everything and maintains a comfortable space for the baby to sleep.

5. Dual sided

The nook pebble crib mattresses offer an ultra firm side for the baby and slightly soften the sides of the mattress making it ideal for the infant. The dual sided was absolutely designed to offer maximum comfort and safety.

Product Benefits
  • All natural
  • Water resistant
  • Cost effective
  • It is dual sided
  • Machine washable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Impressive design
  • High performance
  • Toxic chemical-free zone
  • Breathable sleep
The Negative Things
  • Some users have reported off-gassing odors
  • Needs additional cover to cover the mattress while you are washing the original one

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it have any smell?

It does not smell at all

  1. Which country is this mattress made?

It is made in North America

  1. Is the cover of the mattress waterproof?

Not really but it is water resistant

  1. How many covers does this mattress come with?

One bed cover

  1. Is the mattress pure natural?

Yes it is completely made using natural organic elements

Final Verdict

Nook pebble crib mattress is one of the top mattresses you can purchase for your baby. This mattress will help your baby sleep well and comfortably. It offers a natural breathe for your baby and keeps him or her safe while sleeping.

The unit is liquid resistant and has removable covers. It is made of strong materials which bring comfort and durability. The element used are natural organic pure and brings a lot of freshness to the baby.