How to Prop Up Crib Mattresses for Reflux

One incident that’s conversant among infant babies is reflux. This doesn’t show any indication, especially to those diagnosed with reflux already. It happens by causing the baby to spit up. This occurrence could be accidental.

It’s not a joke at all; it’s something you should take seriously. Indeed, that’s why you should learn how to prop up crib mattresses for reflux.

And, why you should learn that is because, throughout your baby’s infanthood stage, your baby would often be using crib mattresses, even more, and you shouldn’t be a novice about it.

Nonetheless, the causes of reflux are overfeeding, weak abdominal muscles, esophageal sphincter, and low functionalities of the digestive system. The whole reasons are either due to one factor to the other.

However, babies should lie on mattresses with their backs and not their sides or tummy. Also, the crib mattress should be free from congestions of clothes, which could eventually lead to suffocation.

Aside from that, the precautionary measures have to be taken – that’s very necessary. Such preventive measures include the removal of materials from the surface of the mattress.

As a matter of fact, there shouldn’t be creases on its top talk-less of toys whenever one is nestling the baby down for the final time – perhaps before bedtime. It’s after those had been done that you can learn how to prop up crib mattresses.

8 Things to Consider about How to Prop Up Crib Mattresses for Reflux:

1. Purchase a Quality Crib Mattress

There are different mattresses in the marketplace. Some are for toddlers, and there are for infants. At this point, you’re targeting mattresses made for infants only (babies less than three months old).

The nuance difference between the two crib mattresses is that those meant for infant babies are plush and less firm at the top than those made for toddlers.

Nonetheless, you’d still need to check out whether the product you’re buying has the fundamental safety essentials on it. Besides, it’s safer opting for those that have been validated by renowned safety regulatory bodies.

2. Preparation

  • Once you’ve bought the crib mattress, unfold it, and allow it to become fully stretched. You might even need to leave it for five days before you begin its use.
  • You are to fix the mattress in the crib. There are mini cribs, and there are those with standard sizes. Purchase those with the standard format.
  • Ensure that there is no space available in any of the sides. The crib should accommodate the crib mattress so well.
  • If you’re adding a cloth or a topper at the surface, ensure that you tuck the hems underneath the crib mattress so well. This would prevent the cover from looking rumpled.
  • Endeavor that the surface is smooth and safe for the baby to lie upon at the moment.
  • You might even need to flatten the top with the palm of your hand so that you can keep it smoothened.

3. Folding the Towel

There is no need to keep your towel wet before you use it to elevate the crib mattress for reflux. However, it is expedient you check if it’s 100% washed first.

You can get the towel ready and place it on your thigh and fold it cordially and lengthwise. Nonetheless, you’d have to be sure that you’re not raising the mattress above 3-inch to 6-inch.

The aim is to slightly raise the crib mattress so that your baby’s head can be lifted a bit. It’s this act that would prevent your baby from regurgitating or encountering reflux unexpectedly. If you’ve not got a towel, you can use either a blanket or a 1-inch pillow.

4. Adjustment of the Crib Mattress

The next thing you’re to do is to place the towel underneath the crib mattress. Of course, you don’t have to turn the crib mattress into an angular shape.

You have to do it discreetly place it so that the center of the mattress won’t apparently tilt into an angle. Of course, that could cause discomfort for the baby even after you had nestled it down in the bed.

After that, you’re to check whether the whole part at the surface of the crib mattress is still smooth. If not, you might even need to do the proper requirements to get everything right.

5. Lulling Your Baby Down

Remember that the surface of the mattress needs to look slightly steep from the headrest to the middle of the crib mattress. Better still, you can make it look steep to the lumber part of the baby’s back. This would aid in keeping the baby comfy.

Indeed, you should ensure that the baby is not turning from one side to another. It has to lie completely flat on the crib mattress to be safe.

Once that’s done, you can support the baby to maintain an aesthetic balance. If you haven’t used a crib mattress to lull your baby before, then it has to be done so that you won’t get the baby suffocated.

6. Purchasing a Crib Wedge

Although this is an antique idea, yet it’s still a good thought. Nonetheless, you can consult with a medical professional and ask about the right size that would be of immense help to your baby, whether it’s diagnosed with reflux or not.

You might even have to regulate its use. And you’d need to learn about its use before you’d be able to do that distinctively.

7. Safety Precautions

  • Keep the baby close your arm’s length and watch how it’s faring.
  • Whenever your baby refluxes, you might need to quickly lift it out of the crib and pat its back while its larynx is ready for intake of air.
  • Ensure that there is apt airflow, sufficiently circulating the whole vicinity.
  • Make sure that the baby wears light clothes only.
  • Make sure you check on your infant baby always.

8. Repetition

You can practice the use of these techniques as long as you see, it works for you. Nonetheless, an alternative to the use of crib mattresses is the proper swaddling of the baby. That would help, for sure.

Final Verdict

That’s how to prop up crib mattresses for reflux. The steps are simple, and you can get the point by trawling through the whole series once.

Nevertheless, we advise you to use the steps we’ve made available here so that you can have the best experience with your baby.