Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib Mattress Review

Purchase this mattress that’s made of a vinyl waterproof cover which is absolutely reliable in providing users with the maximal comfort that they look forward to obtaining.

Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib Mattress is a mattress that you can trust with your baby, guess why? It’s because this mattress is lead-free. In fact, one of the materials that’s used in the construction of this mattress is the hypoallergenic material.

The hypo-allergenic material is made in insulating layers therein. It’s a priceless feature that makes the mattress to be 3x better than the conventional adult mattresses.

It’s a sturdy mattress that you can mount on any crib of standard size due to the fact that it has coil on its inside. Although it’s plush, however, you can voluntarily add a topper on it so as to make it plushy.

The delivery of the mattress, on the other hand, is safe so you should be sure that your transaction here is secure.

Furthermore, the manufacturer coats it with plastic so as to ensure that their buyers get nothing but the best product on delivery. It’s just a crib mattress that’s absolutely awesome for standard cribs. Nonetheless, this is a mattress that convertible cribs too can utilize to a maximal extent.

Of course, your toddler won’t find it difficult to enjoy the use of this bed at all. Notwithstanding, let’s find out 5 major features that make the use of this product unique.

Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib Mattress Review – 5 Major Features

1. Hypo-allergenic Foam

The mattress is recommended for allergic patients. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether your baby is allergic or not, it’s a mattress that anyone can utilize.

What the hypoallergenic foam does is that it wouldn’t permit the airy movement of bacteria, however, it traps them down within the layers so as to ensure that the mattress occupant is not affected.

The technique used in the construction of this mattress is that the foams are in strata of thickness. Consequently, the inhalation of the user is bound to be safe.

Of course, it is medically advisable for use and parents can also trust it with their toddlers for healthy living. In a nutshell, it’s a mattress that’s free of chemicals.

2. Premium Coil

Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib Mattress ReviewsThe amazing thing about this mattress is that you’d find coils in the interior part of it. The coil is also known as the innerspring.

What this does is that it aids to hold the mattress’s occupant in place. It keeps the mattress steady and rigid. You don’t have anything to lose at all with the use of this product, you know why?

Every side of the mattress is wrapped with tough polyurethane foam. It also has a total of 132 coils on the inside so as to adequately secure the user.

Indeed, the polyurethane foam is likewise known as vinyl cover. It wraps the mattress so well that you’d hardly feel/observe the inclusion/presence of premium coils. It’s a feature that just makes the mattress so unique.

3. Exquisite Exterior Design

Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib MattressThis is the mattress that’s fitted for all standard cribs. The dimension of this product on delivery is 52 x 27 x 6 inches and it weighs 18 pounds (even while it’s still shielded with plastic).

It’s in a rectangular shape and it doesn’t constitute a nuisance at all even when your baby turns from one position to another. The surface is smooth and there’s absolute equality on both side of the mattress.

It’s a mattress that’s 1.3 inches thick when it’s unfolded and lain plain. There are also designs on the clothing material that’s used in shielding the mattress. It’s a mattress that you can use for both male and female.

4. Waterproof Cover

Why you need this product, in particular, is that its vinyl cover is waterproof, what does this mean? It means water won’t soak the foam at all, the waterproof cover prevents water from penetrations.

Not only that, you can wash the waterproof cover with soap. Of course, indulging in this activity wouldn’t dwindle the usability of the cover but rather it would augment its performance.

This is a mattress that has been approved and certified by GREENGUARD Gold. Also, the construction meets the rules and regulations of the Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16-CFR 1633. It’s a mattress that anyone can absolutely rely on for long-term use.

5. The Brand

Dream On Me is a notable company that is popular in the making of mattresses and bags. Their products are known to be unique and full of quality.

The fact that they are renown in the industry makes them be buyer’s top choice anytime, any day.

Consider Refurbished Items:

Why Should You Use Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib Mattress?

Why Should You Use Dream On Me Premium Coil Crib Mattress

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1. Protective Polyurethane Foam

Provided you need a mattress that’s superbly plush, then this may be your gem. The polyurethane foam is on both sides of the mattress. It’s quilted with hypoallergenic so as to make users enjoy maximum safety during use.

2. Insulating Layers

The mattress is double stitched and made in a manner that anyone can utilize them with maximum safety and conveniences. The layers make it superb for use.

3. Affordability

This is a mattress that’s best used by toddlers and is not pricey like some. It’s a product that can be trusted, of course!

4. Easy to Clean

The surface of the mattress is waterproof and it doesn’t retain dirt. In fact, using a mild soap for it would definitely keep your mattress clean.

5. Toxic Free

This is a product that has been tested and trusted and has come out to be absolutely free of odors and stains on delivery. You can even use it for presents to your beloved ones.

Product Benefits
  • This mattress is made in the US.
  • They are innerspring mattresses with 150 coils on the inside.
  • The mattress is made of vinyl cover.
  • It has waterproof insulating layers on the inside.
  • The vinyl is quilted with hypoallergenic materials.
  • This mattress is toxic free and highly dependable
The Negative Things
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this be used for both infants and toddlers?

Answer: No! It’s only used for toddlers.

  1. Does the mattress squeeze at any point in time?

Answer: No! It has waterproof edge support that aids in the prevention of that.

  1. How can I get this product for purchase?

Answer: You can just make your order from the company.

  1. Is this product made in the US?

Answer: Absolutely, yes!

  1. Can my 2 years old baby use it?

Answer: Yes, your baby can.

Final Verdict

This review impugns buyers who need nothing but the best product to opt for this product. This mattress features all that’s necessary for propelling one in making the right choice. It features the main necessities that are required for main use.

The product is recognized by safety regulatory bodies. It’s definitely unique and highly reliable for long-term use.