Consumer Reports Crib Mattress

Definitely, if you’re a first-time buyer, what you’d want to check out first before purchasing a product is what the nominal buyers have to say, right? Of course! This would aid you in an immense way.

The crib mattress is one of the best mattresses that one can opt for oneself. Other options that one can gun for are toddler mattress and baby mattress.

In spite of the fact that mattresses can be in several forms, there are two types of mattress. The two types of mattress are spring mattress and foam mattress.

Just as you can find crib mattress to be made either of spring or foam, so likewise would you find other forms such as toddler mattress made of same.

However, what makes crib mattresses to be different is that crib mattresses are made specifically to the dimension of standard cribs and they neither use topper nor pillow.

Indeed, many homeowners prefers having crib mattress over toddler mattress, why? Because babies can grow with crib mattress than toddler mattress, so it saves them quite a lot of expenses.

Notwithstanding, there are few tips that we would like to get you in accustomed with so as to help you in making your resolution before opting for a crib mattress.

These tips are deduced from the reports of nominal buyers, so let’s learn what they have to say:

8 Things to Consider about Consumer Reports Crib Mattress:

1. Uniqueness

Crib mattresses are known to have distinct dimension. So, customers that have a plan of managing the spaces in their homes decide to opt for the crib mattress.

The good thing about the use of crib mattress is that it fits all cribs regardless of the manufacturer of the product. This peculiarity in all crib mattress is found in both spring and foam crib mattresses.

Customers leverage on this while they are awaiting the delivery of their babies. With crib mattresses, customers’ precisions are always right.

In a nutshell, it’s only with crib mattresses that one can appropriately plan the arrangement of one’s house.

2. Conveniences

Buyers of crib mattresses have reported that the best way to get the best function out of a mattress is to use it with cribs, how?

Because it lifts up the mattress to a maximal level so as to provide optimal comfort to the baby. In fact, the mattress becomes airy and saturated with air.

Apart from the fact that the crib itself restricts the movement of the baby, it also enhances the rigidity of the mattress even while the baby is moving around in it. Crib mattresses make taking care of babies super easy compared to other options mentioned aforetime.

3. Durability

Crib mattresses last longer than other options. This is a fact that has been confirmed by most customers.

In fact, it’s super safe for baby to grow with. Water rarely come in contact with the mattress because it’s never lain on an opened surface.

It’s more durable when it’s even used with a crib because that’s what it’s designed for. Of course, crib mattresses are sheeted even from its delivery. And in order to keep the waterproof cover secure for a long period of time, it must be used with cribs.

In other words, buyers have found out that crib mattresses are more durable when they are used with cribs than opting for other alternatives.

4. Maintenance

Provided you’re opting for a spring mattress, especially toddler mattress, saving it can be hectic. However, opting for a crib mattress that features springs can easily be maintained, how?

Because there wouldn’t be any need for the constant removal of the mattress. With most crib mattresses, their waterproof covers can be removed so as to make them easy to wash.

Crib mattresses are easy to maintain even the clothing used for its ‘already-made’ sheet cover is removable so as to easily clean it. In all ramification, it’s easier to maintain crib mattresses than other options.

5. Method of Use

  • Purchase the right product that is recommended by safety regulatory bodies.
  • Lay it in the crib so as to make it fitted with no space left at any side of the crib.
  • Make sure that the surface is not squirmy and neither is it squeezed.
  • It’s advisable that you don’t add a topper to its top so as to prevent suffocation while the baby is sleeping. However, provided the mattress is water resistant, you might need a waterproof topper. Nevertheless, ensure that the surface is smooth and not squirmy.
  • Use the appropriate side for the baby’s stage at a point in time
  • Always ensure that you keep it washed so as to keep the baby using it safe from infections.

6. Cleaning Methods

  • Remove the mattress and detach the removable components first.
  • Put in the detached clothes in a container that’s half-filled with soapy water so as to get them washed.
  • Lay the mattress slant against the wall and use a broom to dust off the surface.
  • Mix up a laundry detergent with a quantifiable amount of warm water. Afterwards, stir the mixture up and make it become soapy.
  • Use a sponge with the water to scrub every part of the mattress.
  • Rinse it with clean water when you’re done with the washing.
  • Mix citric acid with the warm water before adding laundry detergent into the container. Soak the dirty spots with the mixture for about 8 minutes before scrubbing the cloud of dirt off.

7. Reliability

Nominal customers have found out that crib mattresses are reliable to use it. Irrespective of the type of mattress that one is using, crib mattress is still best to make use of, especially for infants. In fact, crib mattresses are medically approved for infants.

8. Safety

Babies are safer with the use of crib mattress, how? They are constructed in a way that babies’ skin is breathable with it. Not only that, they are inflammable.

In fact, most crib mattresses allow the weight of the mattress to be even on the mattress. In other words, you’d hardly find the surface of the crib mattress sunk.

Final Verdict

The article has provided readers with basic information that buyers need to know about crib mattress. The writer enumerated the points that every buyer need to look out for before purchasing a product.

The writer also provided the features that make the mattress to be better than other options. The article also makes buying easy for anyone regardless of the height of doubts.