Foam vs. Spring Crib Mattress

Launching into the marketplace without the full knowledge of what to expect could lead to making wrong purchases. As a matter of fact, the purchase of mattress demands the proper scrutiny of the type of mattress to look forward to seeing and their respective prospects.

Moreover, it can be mind-boggling when it comes to opting for the mattress that suits the best need at a point in time. Of course, that’s why it’s expedient that one knows the similarities and the differences between the foam crib mattress and spring crib mattress.

Please note that these two types of mattresses are found in all forms of mattress not only those designated for cribs. So, learning their characteristics is very necessary.

Foam crib mattresses can be of regular or memory types while spring crib mattresses come in a different number of coils on their inside. The inclusion of a memory foam mattress is the iteration of the regular crib mattress.

Over the years, regular/latex foam mattresses have been known to be a good conductor of heat. However, in order to curb this, memory foam mattress, which consists of gel so as to regulate the heat flow, was initiated.

Spring mattresses, on the other hand, can be purchased based on customers’ preference perhaps due to one reason or the other.

In other words, spring crib mattresses don’t have iterations whatsoever. Nonetheless, there are amazing features that make both unique in their own ways. Let’s check out these features.

8 Things to Consider about Foam vs. Spring Crib Mattress:

1. Firmness

Firmness in a mattress is as a function of two things, the material used in its waterproof and the type of mattress that one is raving about.

Spring mattresses are known to be firmer than foam mattresses, especially while using it for cribs.

Nonetheless, the higher the number of coils in them the firmer it seems to become. However, it’s noteworthy that toddlers are expected to use spring mattresses that have a high number of coils, why?

So that they can roll from one side to another with ease. But can infants use spring mattress also?

Definitely, but they are not conditioned to the number of coils in the mattress. Notwithstanding, we enjoin you to make proper enquiries from the seller on the spring mattress that’s best for your child’s weight before making a purchase.

2. Conveniences

Both foam crib mattress and spring crib mattress offer comfort to their users but at different degree/level.

Spring mattresses offer better comfort compared to foam mattresses, how? Because air can easily saturate spring mattresses compared to the former.

Not only that, the tendency of one’s baby getting sunk inside the mattress is low with spring mattress compared to foam mattresses.

In other words, no matter the weight of your baby, spring mattress is more reliable in providing cozy rest compared to the other

. However, spring mattresses tend to make noises if the wrong product is used for a child that weighs much. So, in order to avoid this, proper researched must be made.

3. Longevity

Normally, the height limit of a crib mattress that’s expected for a baby to use is 6 inches. Of course, it doesn’t matter the type of mattress that one is using.

Technically, it’s understood that foam mattress is virtually thicker than spring mattress since there seem not to be space within it.

In this case, a foam mattress is more durable than a spring mattress. Nonetheless, a spring mattress can be used for more than a year, depending on the material that’s used for the construction of the mattress itself.

The warranty also is not as long as that of the ones allotted to foam mattresses.

4. Foam Crib Mattress

  • This can be regular, poly or memory mattress.
  • The mattress would distribute body weight across the whole mattress for convenient sleep.
  • The mattress maintains its shape no matter what’s lain upon it.
  • Foam mattresses are designed in layers so as to suit the contours of the body.
  • Foam mattresses can comfortably be used by infants and toddlers. Also, they can be found as a toddler mattress and crib mattress.
  • This type of mattress can easily be saved in the house either by folding or rolling it.
  • Foam mattresses also feature some amazing futuristic just like any other type of mattress.

5. Spring Crib Mattress

  • This type of mattress utilizes coils, border wires, and gauges on the inside so as to make the mattress rigid and support the weight of the user.
  • They are firm and reliable to use anywhere even as a crib mattress.
  • The mattress possesses modern features in providing optimum support for its users.
  • It’s expected that they should be changed after 4 months of use so as to prevent the mattress from causing holes/dents on the mattress.
  • They don’t conduct heat like the regular/latex mattress.
  • The types of spring mattress are continuous coils, pocket springs, and Bonnell springs.

6. Reliability

Both types are so reliable provided the appropriate product is opted for. Apart from the memory foam and latex/regular foam that was evaluated at the initial, there is another foam mattress called a poly mattress.

The poly foam mattress consists of unidentifiable spaces where air can flow through. In other words, there is a lot of iteration in the making of mattresses, both on springs and foam type of crib mattress.

In a nutshell, it all depends on the manufacturer that made the product and the feature used in the construction of the mattresses.

7. Cost

This depends on the manufacturer and the material used in the construction of the mattress that you’re gunning for.

Provided you’re opting for a foam mattress, then memory foam is the costliest followed by poly foam then latex/regular. This is based on their prospects in providing conveniences to users.

The spring mattress, on the other hand, is sold based on the type that a buyer is willing to purchase. Often times, the type of spring used for the construction is not identified and their differences are not conspicuous.

That’s why the cost of spring mattresses is unexplainable even by a seller except for the manufacturers and it would be difficult seeing a product inscribing the type of string used for its constructions.

8. Storage

Spring mattresses are super difficult to save. In fact, it can’t be folded or rolled easily like foam mattresses. However, crib mattress is easier to save compared to some form of mattresses.

Final Verdict

The article has differentiated between the two types of mattress. It also enumerated how helpful it would be to opt for any of them. The article listed features that users can’t do without.

It also provided factual clues on what to expect when one opt for any of them. The information provided is reliable and highly dependable for long-term use.