Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Crib Mattress Review

This crib mattress has a higher spring count than the conventional ones. What makes those with high spring count to be preferable is that they have more prospect to be firmer compared to the lower ones.

Of course, this Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Crib Mattress is absolutely unique with the fact that it has 204 coils on its inside. It’s basically for infants and toddlers use.

There won’t be squeezing whatsoever while it’s lain in the crib because of the availability of the border wire used for it. The gauges are awesome too.

The amazing thing is that you won’t find dented ditches/holes on any side of the mattress. In fact, whichever side you opt for, they are both the same.

Organic cotton fabrics is used for the construction of the mattress. Not only that, it has hypoallergenic insulated layers also on the interior. All these make the futuristic of the crib mattress inimitable.

You’ll never perceive any odor whatsoever while you’re close to the mattress. The soft quilted stitches that it’s being imbibed in the construction of the mattress is eccentric.

It’s not a heavy mattress and it’s not as expensive as some other products of equal futuristic in the marketplace. Nonetheless, let’s check-out the top 5 features of this product.

Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Crib Mattress Review – 5 Major Features

1. 204 Innerspring Steel Coil System

Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss WaterproofThe mattress has 204 innersprings on the inside with enough gauges and border wires. In fact, there are 6 Everedge pylons at the four edges of the mattress.

The significance of this is that it aids the stabilization and the firmness of the mattress. The border wire, on the other hand, is made of steel for durability and consistency.

So, you can be sure that the mattress would provide you with the adequate support that you hanker for. The interesting thing about it is that the spring is well shielded and you’d hardly notice the border wire that’s in it, why? Because it had passed through several tests before it was made ready for sales.

2. Infant & Toddler Design

This is a product that your infant child can grow with into the stage of toddlerhood. It’s so padded that one side is adequately firm and the other side is so plush that baby skin is fairly breathable with it.

Furthermore, this doesn’t cause the mattress to become squirmy or the surface sloppy. But rather, one can easily identify which of the sides is best by touching either of the two sides.

The dimension of the mattress is 27.2 x 5.8 x 51.6 inches and it weighs 18 pounds. It has a rectangular shape just like other crib mattresses. It’s not quilted on the surface but it’s covered with layer organic cottons.

3. Cotton Blend

Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Waterproof cribAs a matter of fact, the mattress is not only made of cotton but it’s blended with other materials such as hypoallergenic.

All the composites are all couture for the comfort usage of the mattress. The hypoallergenic, especially, helps the baby to be safe from allergens and other toxic odor.

In other words, babies with low breathing rate can utilize it. Also, the Exclusive Crypton Clean Sleep Technology that the mattress is made of aids the mattress to be protected against stains, smells, and so on.

The cotton fabric used for its cover is absolutely waterproof. In this case, water don’t seep inside and stains can comfortable be removed.

4. Safe for Use

Apart from the fact that it’s waterproof, it fits cribs of standard size. The mattress is anti-sag steel weight distribution for the comfortable use of the mattress.

Of course, this feature together with hypoallergenic make it usable for newborn babies. Also, the fact that it features organic cotton cushioning on the other side make it usable for toddlers.

It is a product that’s toxic free and free of irregularities in shapes. It’s just a product that anyone would enjoy using, trust me!

5. The Brand

Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Crib Mattress ReviewThe Sealy Nature Couture mattresses are absolutely unique and incomparable to several products that feature 2 stages.

The company has been operating the US for over 130 years. Their products are known to be unique and reliable for use.

Consider Refurbished Items:

Why Should You Use Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Crib Mattress?

1. Organic Cotton and Polyester Cover

The fact that it’s made of different materials make the product itself to be priceless. Not only that, it’s a product that’s expertly crafted.

2. Warranty

This is a product that’s made by a manufacturer that backs her product with a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers the workmanship and the material delivery for the comfortable use of the mattress.

3. Airflow Pocket

The pocket that this has makes the use of metal vent to be negligible. This innovation even makes it safer than those that use metal vent.

4. Waterproof

This mattress is tear-resistant and highly reliable for long-term use. Apart from the fact that the cover is tough, water doesn’t seep through also. It’s a valuable material that you can trust.

5. Exquisite Design

The fact that it can be used to soothing two entities at any point in time makes it exquisite. Of course, you can depend on t because it’s expertly designed.

Product Benefits
  • This mattress has 204 coils in it.
  • The cotton used for the construction of the crib mattress is blended with some other materials.
  • Hypoallergenic is added to the insulating layer on the inside of the mattress.
  • It can be used for both infants and toddlers.
  • The product is certified and highly recognized.
  • The mattress can be washed with ease.
  • The product is highly dependable for long-term use.
The Negative Things
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I hope this doesn’t have plastic smell?

Answer: Thanks for the question. You’d not perceive smell whatsoever with the purchase of this product. It’s absolutely safe for babies to use.

  1. Any complain from a nominal user?

Answer: No! It’s a product that’s expertly crafted. It doesn’t make sounds while it’s being used.

  1. Can my toddler use it without complains?

Answer: Absolutely yes! Your infant baby can even grow with it until it reaches toddlers stage.

  1. Can I clean it with ease?

Answer: Of course, you can!

  1. Where is this product made?

Answer: Proudly made in the US.

Final Verdict

This is a product that you can trust as a first time buyer. The review has provided you with the cons and the pros of the product and we guess that you’ve been able to acknowledge the fact that it’s solely made for you.

With this product, you can save your expenses and allow your baby to grow with it. We hereby enjoin our buyers to opt for this product that their child can grow up with. It would be of immense help.