How to Choose a Crib Mattress

Of course, what you’d need for the absolute care of your newborn baby or toddler is a mattress. I guess you wouldn’t want to opt for mattresses that are not safe for the health of your baby.

However, you would need to know how to choose a crib mattress if actually, your preference lies in the use of cribs. In one way or the other, buyers find it difficult to know the best crib mattresses that are best for their use.

Nonetheless, with the aid of this article, you’d be able to opt for the product that meets your specific needs. There are three types of crib mattress that you’d find in the marketplace.

They are innerspring, foam, and organic models. They all have their peculiarities and buyers are to opt from any of them that has the prospects of proffering solution to their specific wants.

Another reason why buyers have to make the appropriate researches is that opting for a product that’s unique for their child at a point in time would prevent the child from suffocation while sleeping.

So, let’s consider the 8 amazing points to put under consideration while opting for a crib mattress.

8 Things to Consider about How to Choose a Crib Mattress:

1. Firmness or Longevity

Crib mattresses with innerspring are known to be more firm compared to other types. In fact, the higher the number of innerspring the firmer it promises to be.

The foam mattress, on the other hand, is known to be more durable. Crib mattresses provide a breathable environment and comfort for infants compared to a foam mattress.

Mattress with innerspring doesn’t squeeze because of the gauges and border wires that it comprises of. In fact, you’d hardly find holes in the midst or around the mattress.

Nonetheless, mattresses with innerspring can’t be used for a long period of time as those that use foams only but to some extent. However, both is usable depending on what one looks forward to enjoying.

2. 2 or 1 Stage

The major ones that you can find to be of two stages are NaturePedic No Compromise Organic Cotton 150 Coil Crib Mattress and Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss Crib Mattress.

What this implies is that each of the phases is used for toddler and infant. The features of each of the phases are different.

That is, the part that’s designated for infants are plush to a large extent but are not as plush as the side that’s designated for toddlers. However, the side for infants is firmer.

Nonetheless, it’s expedient that prospective buyers opt for the one that would suit their costs.

3. Waterproof Edge Support and Cover

Provided you’re opting for crib mattress with innerspring, then you’d have to find out whether it features waterproof edges.

The inclusion of this feature assures buyers that the product is going to be firm and not going to be squirmy or wrinkled. Apart from that, users have to evaluate whether the mattress is waterproof or not.

The fact that it’s waterproof obviously means that liquid won’t seep via the surface. This feature is indispensable, you know why?

It would aid you to comfortably maintain and clean the mattress. However, either for one reason or the other you might decide to opt for a product that has no waterproof cover but you can buy a waterproof cover for it separate.

4. Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic is a feature that ensures that users are safe for using it. This futuristic notifies users that the mattress is free of toxic odors.

This futuristic can be found in any product irrespective of the material used in the construction of the mattress. The hypoallergenic is quilted to the material in strata/layers so as to properly filter the permeability of air.

It’s medically recommended for infants and toddlers for breathable periods of sleep. Of course, this futuristic can be found in all type of crib mattresses, either for infant or toddler.

Most mattresses that possess this feature don’t retain stains as others that don’t.

5. Certification

As a buyer, it’s paramount to opt for products that are certified by recognized bodies. The bodies that are well known in the US are GREENGUARD Gold, ASTM, and Federal Standard Flammability.

This would aid you to know absolutely well that the mattress is safe and the inscriptions on it are legit. You can even research further on what other customers have said concerning the product.

This would even aid you to know whether it’s best for you for as an individual or not. The certification is not necessarily to be among those brands on the list. The best way to know is by reading reviews about the products that you’ve chosen to select.

6. Cost Effect

There are quite a lot of products in the marketplace with different price tags. These products probably may consist of the same features but are made by different brands.

Therefore, you can opt for a product base on the relevance of the manufacturer in the marketplace. This would predispose you to the prospective features of the product that you look forward to buying.

In a nutshell, a buyer should buy a product that fits their budgets and has all the futuristic that can satisfy the crafted spaces in their room as regards to fixing them and other primary reasons.

7. Newborn or Toddler

You can decide the basic prospect that you need by consulting pieces of information that you can lay your hands upon.

The fact that you know the size that’s the best fit for crib would go a long way. In fact, determining the weight of the child would also aid you in opting for products with the right thickness.

All these are what buyers are to find out while making their researches. You can definitely get your answers by reading the reviews on Amazon.

8. Flammability

This a futuristic that details buyers how volatile it is. Buyers would want to know whether the products that they are purchasing feature smoulder or not.

However, we enjoin buyers to opt for products that have low flammability.

Final Verdict

This is just how to choose crib mattresses with ease. The article directed that you should opt for a product base on your preference and wants. The writer gave the basic features that buyers have to look out for while purchasing crib mattresses for their babies.

The information provided is reliable and researched for the convenient use of our amiable readers. We hope, however, that our readers have got all that they came for.